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Founded in November 2018 in the startup-friendliest place in Munich, in WERK1, Smart Access Solutions GmbH develops and distributes server applications, electronic locks and mobile applications for the management and operation of electronic locking systems and access solutions for the professional sector.

Our Vision

Imagine a world in which all doors, all drawers, all transport containers that are assigned to each individual simply open for them. Without mechanical keys, without code entry or control panels. As if all locks would recognize their user automatically and know whether he or she is allowed to open it.

We unlock the doors to new business and process improvements.

Our Mission

We help corporate customers from a wide range of industries, co-working and co-living providers to completely digitalize their key and access management. With our centrally managed locking systems, we offer tailored solutions for everything that can be locked - fixed or mobile.

Design a consistent user experience for your employees and customers, optimize your processes and open up completely new sources of income.

Our Plan

We are combining state-of-the-art technologies from serverless computing, sensor technology and artificial intelligence to develop simple and secure access and monitoring solutions.
Based on our Secure Cloud Core, we implement mass-market solutions for controlling and monitoring all types of doors or locks. With our Predictive Maintenance Technology we offer an optimal service at all and any time.

Many people are talking about the internet of things - we do it!

Our Services

With our innovative products and services we offer you efficient and future-proof solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Access Management

Central management of all users and access rights via our web interface or via our standard APIs


Central monitoring of all accesses with configurable alarm and workflow management

Energy Management

Optimisation of the energy consumption of the lock units and continuous monitoring of the state of charge of the batteries

Sensor Data

Integration of internal, or connection of external sensors for additional monitoring tasks

Mobile Solutions

Robust and cost-effective solutions for mobile use in transport boxes and vehicles

AI and Blockchain

Use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for special functional and safety requirements

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Our Clients

The Founders

Our ambition to develop digital products and to optimize processes has brought us together. Each of us has more than 20 years of experience in different fields and with companies of all sizes. We are happy to support you in your digital transformation.

Martin Schmidt

Managing Director

Toni Epple

Lead Developer

Tobias Stötter

Managing Director, Product & Business Development

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