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Manage access to your key safes centrally in the cloud. Simply replace the Euro profile cylinders with a Keysafe and digitize your key management now. With just one mouse click, you can centrally control access for technicians and field staff in the future. Don't be annoyed about lost keys anymore: You will be notified if the key is not put back. Keysafe products are designed for the toughest conditions and have a battery life of 8+ years (depending on outdoor temperature and usage). Keysafe products are locked or opened with a smartphone app without an additional RFID chip. Start digitizing your access management now.

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Integrated key monitoring

get a message when a key is missing

no protruding parts
IP 67 water resistant

made for toughest condition
8+ years battery lifetime

durable and reliable
Technical Data: SAS-KS36 SAS-KS58
Weight (incl. Battery): 150 gr 300 gr
Diameter of the lid: 40 mm 66 mm
Diameter of the body: 36 mm 58 mm
Length without key ring: 60 mm 60 mm
Protection class: IP67
The device is protected against dust penetration.
The device is protected against temporary submersion in water.
Operating temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C at maximum 95 % humidity
Operating voltage: 3 Volt
Battery: CR123A
Hardware Type: System on a Chip
Processor: Nordic nRF52832 system
Memory: 512 K Flash / 64 K Ram
Core: 32-bitARM Cortex M4F
Interfaces: Bluetooth with 5.0 BLE frequency 2.44 GHz
hidden power supply via micro-USB jack
Software: SAS Secure OS based on free RTOS (Real Time OS)

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