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More compact than the smallest Swiss Army knife but at least as versatile: the Lock Electronics Module. With the module you can control all kinds of electromechanical locks, manage them comfortably with our Secure Cloud Core environment and control them easily with our okey smartphone app via Bluetooth.

The applications are as diverse as the lock electronics themselves, currently our lock electronics are used to equip public bicycle garages and parking spaces in some administrative districts in London. The device is independence from the power grid, so the lock electronics is independent from cabling. It was designed among others for the use in outdoor distribution boxes, street cabinets and bicycle garages are possible without any problems.

We deliver the lock electronics either in a nice housing so that it can be connected plug & play to existing locks or as a single circuit board for direct installation in your lock.

Technical Data: SAS-LE01
Weight without Battery: 14.1 gr.
Weight (incl. Battery): 30.5 gr.
Dimensions (L, W, H) 46.5 mm, 31.0 mm, 24.0 mm
Operating temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C at maximum 95 % humidity
Operating voltage: 3 Volt
Battery: CR123A
Hardware Type: System on a Chip
Processor: Nordic nRF52832 system
Memory: 512 K Flash / 64 K Ram
Core: 32-bitARM Cortex M4F
Interfaces: Bluetooth with 5.0 BLE frequency 2.44 GHz
Software: SAS Secure OS based on free RTOS (Real Time OS)

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